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KIND Travels



KIND Travels is part of KIND Enterprise; a UK based social enterprise that aims to foster sustainable development through incubating and investing in social businesses and community-centric projects. KIND Travels is one of these social businesses that aspires to achieve Sustainable development through tourism. Our ambition is to make better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit, making a positive difference to the people who travel with us, the local people at the destinations we travel to and to their environment in the process. To this end, KIND Travels aims to deliver exceptional travel experiences, foster sustainable development of the countries of destination and hence, promoting Sustainable and Responsible Tourism through its practices and local communities’ initiatives.


KIND Travels Value Proposition

1.Educate: our clients on responsible tourism, ecotourism, geotourism and voluntourism

2.Inspire: our clients to become more responsible travellers and to take part in Voluntourism.

3.Engage: with relevant stakeholders like; indigenous people, local communities, visitors, industry, NGOs and governments to identify economic, social and environmental issues which matter to local communities.

4.Collaborate: with these stakeholders to tackle these issues.

5.Evaluate: performance and measure own economic, social and environment impact on places we travel to and use lessons learnt to reinforce our business cycle.






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