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How to become a carbon conscious traveller?


Watch your Electricity

·       Turn off your lights when you leave your hotel room

·       Shut off your computer when not in use. Conserve energy by using your computer's "sleep mode" instead of a screensaver.

·       Unplug Unused Electronics (even your mobile phone)


Watch your Heating

·       Take Shorter Showers: Take quick showers using less hot water means using less energy.

·       Air Dry Your Clothes: Instead of using the dryer, line‐dry your clothes which will reduce energy

·       Put on a Sweater:  Wear more clothes instead of turning up the thermostat.


Watch your Shopping

·       Buy Organic Food: There are chemicals used in modern agriculture pollute that pollute the water supply, and require energy to produce.

·       Bring Cloth Bags to the Market: Use cloth or reusable bags when shopping instead of plastic or paper bags.

·       Buy Products Locally:

o   Reduce the amount of energy required to drive your products to your store.

o   Buy Minimally Packaged Goods

o   Buy products with less packaging or buy in bulk.

o   Buy produce that is in season

o   Less energy is wasted for the production of out of season produce



Fly less: Reduce how much you fly by even one or two trips a year that will reduce your emissions significantly – videoconference if you can… orif you need to fly:

·       Try to fly direct (this will reduce your emissions)

·       Offset your flight

·       Neutralize your carbon emissions by offsetting your flight.



·       Use public transportation wherever possible, such as the train, bus, cycle, or just walk.

·       Plan Ahead

·       Do several errands in one trip, carpool, and use uncongested routes.

·       Change Your Air Filter

·       Check your car's air filter monthly to increase your fuel economy.

·       Buy or rent a Hybrid Car

·       Hybrids save an enormous amount of CO2 and money. Plug‐in hybrids can save even more.

·       Buy a Fuel Efficient Car (Fuel efficient cars use less fuel per mile or km)

·       Inflate Your Tires

·       Check them monthly and keep them at the maximum recommended pressure.

·       Don't Idle in Your Car

·       Except when in traffic, turn your engine off if you must wait for more than 30 seconds. Do not idle the car if it is cold, drive as soon as you start the car.

·       Use the cruise control function when possible, especially on long journeys. Sharp breaking and accelerating wastes fuel.


Lose weight

·       Remove car racks and other objects that add on unnecessary weight.

·       Reduce the air conditioning

·       Don’t keep the windows open when the air conditioning is on. Try to reduce the usage of air conditioning because it increases fuel consumption, use the air vents instead.




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