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 I Want to See (3awez Ashoof) Project        

“I want to see” is a project that aims to preventing blindness as well as treating and rehabilitating blind people. This project started 2006 in Egypt and KIND Enterprise is currently working with the International Centre for Community Development at London Metropolitan University on expanding it in other disadvantaged communities and providing other rehabilitation services for visually impaired patients. The project main objectives are to benefit patients, the public and doctors.


Project Objectives
  • Undertake free cataract surgeries and other eye surgeries for people who cannot afford to pay.
  • Increase public awareness of common eye conditions and how to prevent common eye problems.
  • Educate visually impaired and blind people on tools and gadgets that could help them overcome some of the difficulties they could encounter from day to day.
  • Educate young doctors about surgical and medical ophthalmological skills.



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