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 Misr El Kheir Foundation - UK                                                               


Misr El Kheir Foundation-UK (MEK-UK) is a UK-based charity, founded by a group of civic-minded philanthropists, with the ambition of engaging and catalyzing sustainable human development efforts in order to empower the lives of those in need.

MEK-UK works with partners to transfer intellectual and financial capital to support initiatives in the areas of:

  • The advancement of education;
  • The relief of illnesses and preservation of health;
  • The prevention or elevation of poverty;
  • The promotion of arts, heritage and culture.


Sedna El Khedr and Moussa Development Project

This project aims to fulfill the basic life necessities for two of the most underprivileged rural villages in Egypt. Based on interviews with the residents of the villages, absence of electricity has appeared to be the central problem that originates other basic problems such as absence of healthcare, water supply, education, etc. The project aims to create a cost-effective standalone hybrid power system to supply electricity to the critical buildings of the villages relying on renewable energy resources rather than the costly connection to the national grid.


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